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Archive: Sep 2012

  1. Why you should upgrade your browser

    Here at SharpSchool, we’re all about designing websites and web solutions that optimize the K-12 learning experience. Security, optimized loading speeds, attractive graphics and animation are some of the key criteria that define a well-built district website. However, despite your webmaster’s best efforts, one little thing may undermine your whole web experience – your web […]

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  2. Round Up: Ed-tech Stories This Week

    This week, SharpSchool helped ed-tech newbies put together a PLN beginner guide to get their Professional Learning Network started. Convinced that you need a redesign for your school? Here are 14 must-haves for K-12 school websites.   More great content coming up on Monday! Ed-tech Headlines around the web: BYOD in 10 steps  Our Teachers: The good, the […]

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  3. PLN for Beginners

    More and more school districts are considering implementing technologies in the classroom. Whether it’s a full fledge BYOD initiative or simply incorporating online materials in the curricula, teachers nowadays are exposed to a plethora of newly developed web tools.  In a perfect world, teachers who are asked to use classroom software would be trained and provided […]

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  4. Back to School – Cute Animals Edition

    It’s Monday and the beginning of the year. We know. That’s why we put together 10 cute back to school animals to start your week. 1, 2, 3, “Aw……” 1) STEM cat has no sense of humor 2) Yup, this happened  3) BYOD Success: 1:1 Kitten Classroom 4) BYOD Failure: AUP violation 4) A dozen […]

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  5. Round Up: Ed-tech Stories this week

    This week, SharpSchool gathered 10 stories of school districts going BYOD this year and 6 K-12 edtech trends you should know about. If you suspect that your district website may be ugly or useless, here are 5 signs your school website needs a redesign. More great content coming up on Monday! Ed-Tech headlines around the web: Secrets […]

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  6. 10 Districts going BYOD this year

    Students from many schools and districts are back for a pleasant surprise – they can use their phone in class! Here is a list of districts and schools that are piloting BYOD in the 2012-2013 school year and their stories. It will be interesting to keep an eye out for the result. Grave County Schools […]

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  7. Love SharpSchool? Nominate us!

    It’s time to show some love for SharpSchool! Each year District Administration magazine hosts a Reader’s Choice Top 100 Products Award to showcase products, software and websites that have made a positive impact in school districts. If you’re loving our designs, CMS, or amazing support staff, make sure you visit District Administration before September 12 to […]

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  8. Round Up: Best Back to School articles this week

    I’m sure you’re well prepared for the new school year (right?). In case you’re doing some last minute cramming, here are 10 best back to school posts around the web to catch up on. Have more resources to share? Tell us in the comment or tweet it to @sharpschool. 10 Simple Ideas for Transforming Your […]

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  9. Back to School : 6 K-12 Edtech Trends you should know about

    As we settle in the first few weeks of the new school year, many of your colleagues might have caught up with some readings during the summer. Whether you’re already tweeting and blogging with your class or still wrapping your head around acronyms like BYOD, PLN, here is a breakdown of a few key trends […]

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  10. 5 questions to ask school web design vendors

    Most school web hosting companies offer web design services. As the eRate season is approaching, remember that you will be sticking with this partner for at least a year. That is longer than many Hollywood marriages. So when it comes to web design for your district, it’s important to find a partner that not only […]

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