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Archive: Mar 2013

  1. Do Video Games Really Work? [Infographic]

    There’s Gamified Learning and then there’s Learning through Gaming. Let’s look at the latter! The intersection of gaming and learning is an increasingly hot topic in the 21st Centurty K-12 learning community. But, are video games really providing any benefits for helping students in these age groups to learn? This infographic by¬†Online College Course¬†gives a […]

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  2. The E-Rate 471 Application Window Closes Today!

    Another year of E-Rate-funded growth is about the begin. But first, make sure your Form 471 is filed! For nearly sixteen years, schools, libraries and school districts have been able to take advantage of the Federal Communication Commission’s E-Rate program. This program has enabled these educational institutions to receive millions of dollars in funding that […]

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  3. INFOGRAPHIC: Why Does Early Childhood Learning Matter?

    K-12 may be the most intensive learning period of anyone’s life, but Sesame Street Workshop believes that quality education starts younger than that. Thanks to Sesame Street Workshop, we can find out why it is important for children to receive high quality early childhood education. According to this infographic, children who receive great early childhood […]

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  4. SharpSchool Picks: The Top Six Academic Search Engines

    We all know what search engines are and what they can do. But how much do you know about academic search engines? Search engines are used daily all over the world. They search through various sites, but just how effective is it for students that are researching topics for class assignments and projects? Not very […]

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