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The Mystery of Parent Involvement in 21st Century Learning – Part Two

Hey, teachers! What can you do to help drive parent involvement in your students’ success? Let’s take a look!

Welcome to part two of SharpSchool’s look  ‘Parent Involvement’. In part one, we went over some strategies that parents could use to add to their child’s learning experience. In part two we are going to go over some things that teachers would be able to do in an attempt to get those parents more involved in their children’s learning experiences.

In part one, we stressed the importance of parents showing interest in their child’s learning experience. And, as purveyors of technological tools that enable parent involvement, we here at SharpSchool hope to see parents involving themselves rises on its own accord.

But what if parents taking the initiative falls short, and you, as the teacher of a student who may be in need, are left asking yourself and your colleagues about what’s to done? Teachers may need to ask themselves and each other “what can we do to get parents more involved in their children’s day-to-day learning experience?”  Here are a few ideas that we think can bring teachers, students and parents together:

Make the best of those PTA Meetings, and have at least one per month

Teachers, those PTA meetings are a great opportunity to  meet with parents and let them know what the class is working on and how their ongoing involvement and curiosity about specific projects can help bolster their children’s success. Unfortunately, PTA meetings can be sparse in some schools. So, think about increasing the frequency of PTA meetings to every month, if possible.

Start using those 21st Century Learning Tools!

Considering that classrooms are going digital, why not go digital with parent interaction too? With 21st century learning tools, getting parents involved is easy when you set up teacher portals, student portals and parent portals on apps designed for your school or district. For those classrooms that are now incorporating eLearning and allowing students to participate online or through mobile devices, why not give parents the same privilege? This will make it easier for many parents to stay up to date with their child’s progress and interact with teachers and other parents. It’s even be possible for parents to gain access to the same resources that their children are using. This makes it easier for parents to assist their children with homework and to stay in-the-loop on important indicators like grades, even between report cards. Furthermore, with communication tools like instant messaging and comment threads in discussion forums, parents are able to ask questions, leave comments for the teacher at any time and from anywhere, and teachers would be able to do the same, enabling an active teacher/parent/student dialogue right down to individual assignments.

How do you keep parents up to date and stay engaged in what’s being taught in the classroom? Tweet us @SharpSchool.




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