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  1. INFOGRAPHIC: Why Does Early Childhood Learning Matter?

    K-12 may be the most intensive learning period of anyone’s life, but Sesame Street Workshop believes that quality education starts younger than that. Thanks to Sesame Street Workshop, we can find out why it is important for children to receive high quality early childhood education. According to this infographic, children who receive great early childhood […]

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  2. Happy Holidays from SharpSchool! (Oh, and Silly Hats)

    Because who doesn’t love holidays and silly hats, right? That festive time of year is upon us once again! For those of you who still have some stressful holiday shopping to do, we bid you good luck. For those of you who have finished with the shopping and are keen to just take it easy, share some […]

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  3. Back to School – Cute Animals Edition

    It’s Monday and the beginning of the year. We know. That’s why we put together 10 cute back to school animals to start your week. 1, 2, 3, “Aw……” 1) STEM cat has no sense of humor 2) Yup, this happened  3) BYOD Success: 1:1 Kitten Classroom 4) BYOD Failure: AUP violation 4) A dozen […]

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    SharpSchool was founded in 2001 with the goal of helping schools improve communication and student learning. We have helped over 3,000 schools & districts meet the evolving needs of 21st century learners. The SharpSchool community is full of educators who are passionate about K-12 educational technology. We are not just a software provider. We are your trusted partner in this exciting time of ed-tech revolution.

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