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  1. The E-Rate 471 Application Window Closes Today!

    Another year of E-Rate-funded growth is about the begin. But first, make sure your Form 471 is filed! For nearly sixteen years, schools, libraries and school districts have been able to take advantage of the Federal Communication Commission’s E-Rate program. This program has enabled these educational institutions to receive millions of dollars in funding that […]

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  2. It’s a New Year – And We’re a New SharpSchool!

    We wanted to start the New Year with an exciting project: a website overhaul! Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Some are big, some are small. Our collective wish here at SharpSchool was simple: Make an immersive experience, one that reflects what our own web and mobile solutions does for our invaluable clients. The new […]

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  3. Happy e-Rate, Everybody!

    Your chance to apply for e-Rate funding starts today – make sure your K-12 school or district takes advantage of this great program! And the Federal Government looked across this vast, great land, at each and every school and district from coast to coast, and said unto them: “Let there be technology funding!” USAC will […]

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  4. Does Education Revolution = Economic Revolution? The Fed thinks so

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says US teachers hold the power for future economic prosperity On August 7th, hundreds of teachers from across the U.S. attended The Federal Reserve’s Teacher Town Hall, an open-floor panel discussion Q & A session with the Fed’s Chairman, Ben Bernanke. The panel presentation focused on the critical role teachers […]

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  5. Round Up: Ed-tech Stories This Week

    This week, SharpSchool helped ed-tech newbies put together a PLN beginner guide to get their Professional Learning Network started. Convinced that you need a redesign for your school? Here are 14 must-haves for K-12 school websites.   More great content coming up on Monday! Ed-tech Headlines around the web: BYOD in 10 steps  Our Teachers: The good, the […]

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  6. Round Up: Ed-tech Stories this week

    This week, SharpSchool gathered 10 stories of school districts going BYOD this year and 6 K-12 edtech trends you should know about. If you suspect that your district website may be ugly or useless, here are 5 signs your school website needs a redesign. More great content coming up on Monday! Ed-Tech headlines around the web: Secrets […]

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  7. Love SharpSchool? Nominate us!

    It’s time to show some love for SharpSchool! Each year District Administration magazine hosts a Reader’s Choice Top 100 Products Award to showcase products, software and websites that have made a positive impact in school districts. If you’re loving our designs, CMS, or amazing support staff, make sure you visit District Administration before September 12 to […]

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  8. Round Up: Best Back to School articles this week

    I’m sure you’re well prepared for the new school year (right?). In case you’re doing some last minute cramming, here are 10 best back to school posts around the web to catch up on. Have more resources to share? Tell us in the comment or tweet it to @sharpschool. 10 Simple Ideas for Transforming Your […]

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