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Happy e-Rate, Everybody!

Your chance to apply for e-Rate funding starts today – make sure your K-12 school or district takes advantage of this great program!

And the Federal Government looked across this vast, great land, at each and every school and district from coast to coast, and said unto them: “Let there be technology funding!”

USAC will be accepting applications from US schools and districts for Fiscal Year 2013 e-Rate funding beginning at 12:00PM this afternoon. Whether your K-12 school or district is applying for the first time, or is re-applying to continue receiving funding for existing programs, it is now time to compile your pertinent information and submit your request for program funding that will enrich your learning environments.

Now in it’s 16th year, the e-Rate program has been instrumental in enabling K-12 schools and districts all over the United States to acquire funding for much-needed technological improvements in areas such as Internet connections, telecommunications hardware, email services, and web hosting services. SharpSchool has been thrilled to work with thousands of schools and districts who have chosen us to be their email and web hosting service provider. Our decade-long experience has resulted in a 97% e-Rate eligibility for our web hosting services, and 100% Student and 98% eligibility for email services. Naturally, we look forward to working with many more K-12 schools and districts to make sure their web hosting and email solutions are the best they can be!

SharpSchool encourages all schools and districts to participate in this year’s e-Rate funding application. Feel free to contact us is you have any questions about your e-Rate eligibility.

Happy e-Rate, everybody!

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