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  1. Do Video Games Really Work? [Infographic]

    There’s Gamified Learning and then there’s Learning through Gaming. Let’s look at the latter! The intersection of gaming and learning is an increasingly hot topic in the 21st Centurty K-12 learning community. But, are video games really providing any benefits for helping students in these age groups to learn? This infographic by Online College Course gives a […]

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  2. Infographic: How Tech Savvy Are The Kids Of Today?

    The effect that technology has on kids today is undeniable. But how young does it start? According to Angiolotty, children as young as 6 months are using their parent’s electronic devices for play. Also, children aged 2-5 learn how to play an online computer game before learning to tie their shoes. By the time these […]

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  3. Pros & Cons: The Flipped Classroom

    Want Lessons to become homework, and homework to become classwork? Then think about the Flipped Classroom Tech tools are being used a lot more frequently within classrooms in a variety of ways.  Have you and your class begun to incorporate the new Flipped Classroom teaching method? Let’s start by addressing the obvious: what is a […]

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  4. It’s a New Year – And We’re a New SharpSchool!

    We wanted to start the New Year with an exciting project: a website overhaul! Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Some are big, some are small. Our collective wish here at SharpSchool was simple: Make an immersive experience, one that reflects what our own web and mobile solutions does for our invaluable clients. The new […]

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  5. Happy e-Rate, Everybody!

    Your chance to apply for e-Rate funding starts today – make sure your K-12 school or district takes advantage of this great program! And the Federal Government looked across this vast, great land, at each and every school and district from coast to coast, and said unto them: “Let there be technology funding!” USAC will […]

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  6. What Kind of Learner Are You?

    There are 7 styles of learning according to Blue Mango Learning. But… Does that feel over-simplified to you? Or, do you think that you (or even your students) fit nicely in to one of these 7 styles of learning? Our question is this: since K-12 curricula are all about providing a broad-stroke approach to learning, […]

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  7. The Ultimate Learning Game Championship: Lego vs. Minecraft

    Who is The Ultimate Learning Game Champion: the cheeky upstart video game, or the legendary IRL building blocks? Let’s figure it out. Gamification as a learning strategy is great news for everyone – especially for K-12 schools where play tops the list of things that stimulate students. As many a teacher will attest, finding a […]

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  8. Can Homeschooling Survive 21st Century Education Trends?

    Homeschooling may look great by the performance numbers – but does it align well with 21st Century classroom education trends? There’s a flood of support for homeschooling across the United States and Canada. It saves tax payer dollars (kind of), kids are less distracted and able to concentrate more on learning and therefore perform better, […]

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  9. Does Education Revolution = Economic Revolution? The Fed thinks so

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says US teachers hold the power for future economic prosperity On August 7th, hundreds of teachers from across the U.S. attended The Federal Reserve’s Teacher Town Hall, an open-floor panel discussion Q & A session with the Fed’s Chairman, Ben Bernanke. The panel presentation focused on the critical role teachers […]

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